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BIS Certification for footwear Manufacture and Importer | Procedure

Updated: November 28, 2023, 04:03 PM IST | BrandMedia | | MUMBAI

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Manufacturers are not permitted to produce footwear under this regulation without a footwear bis certification.

The Department of Promotion of Industry and Internal Trade (DPIIT) issued a Quality Control Order on October 27th, 2020, that all footwear manufacturers would need to obtain a BIS Certification for footwear, that all footwear must comply with the relevant Indian Standards, and that all footwear must be licensed to carry the Standard Mark (ISI Mark). This requirement must go into effect before the mandated date below, after which no manufacturer will be allowed to deal with it. The manufacturing and sale of footwear made of leather and other materials would be prohibited in the absence of the ISI mark. Manufacturers are not permitted to produce footwear under this regulation without a footwear bis certification. If you do not, you will be charged with a crime, and you will be subject to jail time and large penalties.

It only applies to finished products and is a manufacturer concerned license, not one for retailers, importers, etc. (Also, in accordance with BIS criteria, footwear soles are regarded as a complete product.)

  • Prior to July 1, 2023, medium- and large-scale industries must meet the requirements.
  • Prior to January 1, 2024, small businesses
  • Prior to July 1, 2024, for micro industries

ISI MARK (Indian Standards Institution)

The process of receiving certification from the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) for compliance with the Indian standards applicable to a particular product or category is referred to as ISI registration. The BIS certifies products by using the ISI (Indian Standards Institution) mark, which denotes that the item satisfies the quality, safety, and performance requirements established by the Indian government.

The primary objective of ISI registration is to ensure the safety, quality, and performance of products sold in India. It helps protect consumers from substandard or unsafe products, promotes fair trade practices, and contributes to the overall development of industries by encouraging manufacturers to maintain high-quality standards.

FMCS(Foreign Manufacturers Certification Scheme)

Along with offering a variety of services, Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) has been operating the Foreign Manufacturers Certification Scheme (FMCS), a program for product certification for foreign manufacturers, since 2000. All foreign manufacturers who produce some of the products on the list are recognised by the ISI Certificate for using the Standard Mark on goods that meet Indian Standards. Except for electronics and IT equipment that have been notified by Meity, all products are covered by the Foreign Manufacturers Certification Scheme. The Foreign Manufacturers Certification Department of the Bureau of Indian Standards, New Delhi office, is responsible for providing the certificate. Product certification may be voluntary or mandatory depending on whether it satisfies the requirements of the Indian Standard.

A product that has been produced and tested in accordance with the applicable Indian Standard is given an ISI Certificate before having the Standard mark put to it.

Quality Control Orders for Footwear

For the required certification program`s footwear categories of leather, PPE footwear, and rubber/polymeric footwear, BIS has issued three quality control instructions. Below is a list of three QCOs:

Order 2020 for Quality Control of Leather and Other Materials:

Boots, safety shoes, canvas shoes with rubber bottoms, sports footwear, Derby shoes, and anti-riot shoes are all covered.

All-rubber and polymeric footwear (Quality Control) Order, 2020

There are products like rubber microcellular sheets, PVC sandals, all-rubber gumboots and ankle boots, industrial and protective rubber knee and ankle boots, rubber slippers, rubber Hawaii chappals, and PVC industrial boots embedded in the order.

(Quality Control) Order, 2020 for Personal Protective Equipment - Footwear

Personal protective equipment footwear is covered under the Order for the Quality Control of Personal Protective Equipment Footwear, 2020.

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