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Shaily Sanghvi: Lights, Camera, Hollywood Heights!

Updated: December 09, 2023, 03:46 PM IST | BrandMedia | | MUMBAI

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Sanghvi`s journey began in the heart of the Indian film industry, where she collaborated with the best in the business.

Shaily Sanghvi
Shaily Sanghvi

In the vibrant tapestry of Indian cinema, Shaily Sanghvi is a name that resonates with success and artistic brilliance. Having made a significant mark in Bollywood, Shaily has seamlessly transitioned into the dazzling world of Hollywood, where her talent continues to shine brighter than ever.

Sanghvi`s journey began in the heart of the Indian film industry, where she collaborated with the best in the business. From working alongside the Television Queen Ekta Kapoor to producing with the iconic Roadies duo Raghu and Rajiv, Shaily`s resume in Bollywood reads like a who`s who of Indian entertainment. Her stint with Disney on the show ‘Imagine That’ added another feather to her cap, solidifying her reputation as a dynamic force in the industry.

Now, in the heart of Hollywood, Shaily is not just working with the best; she`s creating waves with them. Collaborating with luminaries like Abigail Breslin from "Little Miss Sunshine" and "Hunger Games," Australian singer William Singe, and NBA coach Lethal Shooter, Shaily is proving that her creative journey knows no bounds.

But it`s not just about star-studded collaborations; Shaily`s films have been making noise in the festival circuit for one of Shaily`s standout works ‘Pirouette’, earning her not only applause but also a seat at the table of recognition at events like the Dada Saheb Phalke Film Festival and Cannes International Film Festival. The film also made some noise at the Prestigious Synergy Film Festival and IndieFest Film Awards to further underscore Shaily`s international cinematic footprint.

"Working in Hollywood has been a dream, but it`s more about telling stories that resonate with people. That`s what filmmaking is all about," Shaily reflects.

Her horror thriller, "I Got You," gripped audiences, earning accolades at the Hollywood Blood Horror Festival and securing a coveted spot at The Strange Days Horror Festival. As anticipation builds for its fate in other undecided festivals, Shaily`s focus extends beyond the scare factor; it`s about forging a personal connection with her audience.

"Films are not just entertainment; they`re a shared experience. `Alive,` for instance, is a piece of my heart. It`s not just my story; it`s a story that could be anyone`s. That`s the beauty of filmmaking," Shaily shares.

Shooting across the globe, Shaily shares her experiences, like a shoot in Colombia where language barriers turned into laughter and fun. "I flew to Colombia for a shoot, and I didn`t know any Spanish at all, and the crew barely knew English. It was difficult at the start, but it was a fun experience," Shaily laughs as she reminisces.

Looking forward, Shaily aims to keep it real, exploring the grays of human emotion in her films. Her upcoming thriller, "Lex Talionis," promises to touch on the complexities of a mother`s love and a lover`s quest for understanding—a story that everyone can relate to.

"I don`t believe in black and white; I think life pertains in the greys of any emotion, and that is what I want my audience to relate to," Shaily says when asked about her future projects.

As we wait for Shaily Sanghvi`s next moves, there`s no denying her journey from Bollywood to Hollywood is one to watch. With a knack for authentic storytelling and a commitment to keeping it real, Shaily is putting Indian cinema on the global map, one heartfelt story at a time.

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